Firefly: A Fistful of Credits

Firefly: A Fistful of Credits - Season 1 Recap

Episode 1 – Fox Hunt: The crew meet an old war hero, and help him with one final raid.

Episode 2 – Ice To Meet You: The crew meet a few new faces (Vlad and Captain Harris) while doing a job smuggling comet ice.

Episode 3 – Welcome To Frisco Town: The crew meet the fine folk of Frisco Town while trying to get rig of their illegal cargo.

Episode 4 – The Long Con: The crew accept a job to con the town, and to do this set out to help the townsfolk.

Episode 5 – Bed Time Stories: The crew leave Frisco town to finish the final jobs of the con, and find out that some bed time stories are even more terrifying in reality.

Episode 6 – We Didn’t Do It!: The crew draw heavy heat from both the Alliance and a pair of unknown assailants. What is Jannic hiding?


James_Kavanagh James_Kavanagh

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