Firefly: A Fistful of Credits

Firefly: A Fistful of Credits - Season 2 What's Happened So Far

Freedom’s Flight: Part 1

After weeks of torture and interrogation at the hands of two unknown assailants, the crew find themselves on their way to the prison planet of Perdition. While there, the crew are unceremoniously stripped and changed into prisoner outfits, before being brought to the Warden for questioning at the prisons warehouse/docking area. The questioning is interrupted however by a message picked up by a nearby intercom. A ship of bounty hunters is headed towards Perdition with a VIP targeted by the Warden. The crew are quickly sent away, to a make shift cell in the maintenance area of the prison block.

Freedom’s Flight: Part 2

The make shift cell isn’t strong enough to hold the crew, and they quickly escape with a plan to get on board the bounty hunters ship they know is arriving at Perdition soon. While escaping they assault a guard post, trigger the prison’s riot control system (sleeping gas pumped throughout the cell wings), and defeat the Warden’s Special Forces protection detail. As they arrive at the bay doors of the docking area they are greeted by John Willis and some of his crew, who were posing as the bounty hunters in an attempt to rescue the crew.

Back In The Loop

John Willis returns to his own ship, the Cutty Sark, and leaves the crew Freedom’s Flight (a science vessel modified by bounty hunters). He informs them that they are now wanted criminals, and advises them to stay low for the foreseeable future.

After a couple of months of isolation, the crew spend some time catching up with the ‘Verse. The biggest news story they had missed was a viral epidemic in the capital city of Londinium. The crew had also received a message regarding a delivery at their drop point in Auberry, on the planet of Beylix, as well as a number of personal messages. Upon reaching Auberry, they find the delivery is payment from Alice Walker for the work they had done in Frisco Town. In her message to the crew, she also informs them of the final fate of Mjolnir.

There And Back Again: Part 1

The crew head for the spaceport of Callisto (on Beaumonde), home of Vladimir Rosanov and final resting place of Mjolnir. Upon arriving at Callisto the crew are attacked by a Triad assassination squad, targeting Vincent and labelling him “The Deceiver”. Safely making it out of the ambush, the crew meet up with Vladimir to find out where Mjolnir is being kept and to look for work.

There And Back Again: Part 2

After reacquiring Mjolnir (literally a shell of its former self), the crew prepare to leave Callisto. They are interrupted however by Vladimir, who has found them a job. He brings them to meet his boss, Ray Harris, who offers to hire out their entire ship to bring a man by the name of Andrew Mullins to Verbana. The crew provisionally agree to take the job.

While on their way back to Freedom’s Flight they are attacked by a gang of thugs in an underground train station. They deal with the gang, but their leader escapes. The next morning, with a new job and Mjolnir in tow, the crew set course to return to Auberry.

Poker Face

Henric, dealing with his own issues regarding his father and Ray Harris, is instantly suspicious of their new passenger Andrew Mullins. He orders Karl to keep an eye on him, and after an inexplicable breakdown at a friendly game of cards, orders Vincent to covertly search his room. But the crew can find nothing concrete about what’s going on with Andrew. However, Karl notices extensive bruising on his body, as well as a gut sense that the man has given up all hope of living.

When they reach Auberry, Andrew leaves the ship to stretch his legs and get some fresh air, but finds another poker game instead. At this game he angers a gang of bandits, who threaten him and pursue him back to the ship. Luckily for him, Joe and Karl intervene, killing two members of the gang and scaring off the rest.

Nothing Is Ever Easy

The gang of bandits return in full, this time looking for the entire crew of the people that killed their colleagues. Joe thinks fast though, and offers a trade; all of the crew’s (diseased) money in return for the crew’s safety. The leader, angry at the death of his men, and the attack on him personally disagrees. After he is swiftly killed though, the new leader quickly agrees to the deal. While this is all going on, Annabelle is rushing to get Chewy, who has been lethally poisoned, to the ship.

The crew quickly leave Auberry, with a new passenger in tow (Major Zachariah Windsor, one of Chewy’s old war time friends). The prospect of further trouble comes with him. They make it to Verbanna without further incident however, and drop Andrew off at the town of Biddeford. The next morning though, while leaving Biddeford, a massive explosion from a nearby factory catches Freedom’s Flight and sends it spinning into a nearby forest. Knocked around a bit, but uninjured, the crew quickly find that the ship has been landlocked.


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