Firefly: A Fistful of Credits

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

As the crew pick themselves up following the explosion, they discover that Henric’s father has been seriously injured. As Annabelle struggles to save his life, the rest of the crew set out on a scouting mission to find a way off of the planet.

They regroup with Joe, who convinces the group to split up. Joe and Vincent carry on to scout the landing dock. Karl and Chewy return to the ship to carry out additional repairs. Joe and Vincent find out that the entire area is completely landlocked by the Alliance’s most advanced technology, and leave no witnesses of their presence there alive. Meanwhile, Karl and Chewy are ambushed by Triad assassins, but once again the crew fight them off.

A few hours later, Chewy and Zachariah return to the landing dock with forged medical documents and a story that they’re transporting medical supplies and need to get off the planet urgently. But at the landing dock they find an ASREV carrying a few old acquaintances; Captain Michael Harris, Lefu Nortje, and Colonel Jedak Rejovic.


James_Kavanagh James_Kavanagh

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