Colonel Jedak Rejovic


Colonel Jedak Rejovic is the warden of the prison planet Perdition. He is a stubborn, cruel and cheer free man. Most who cross his path, try their best not to do so again.

Rejovic was assigned his current position as a punishment. While fighting during the Unification War, he earned a formidable reputation as a leader that never gave up. However, his numerous victories came at the cost of hundreds of Alliance troops’ lives. He didn’t care about this, and so long as he was victorious Alliance Command allowed him to continue. Eventually though, his stubbornness led to a crushing defeat and the loss of his entire platoon. He was reassigned and forgotten about.

Rejovic however turned his new position into an opportunity. Using the prisoners he was given charge of as slave labour, he began to mine the moon of Perdition for it’s mineral wealth. And with a Magistrate willing to turn a blind eye to the abuse of power for a cut of the wealth (a politician by the name of Charles Digby), Rejovic was set up to complete his military service with more power and wealth than an officer of his rank could ever wish for.

This all changed with the arrival of a troublesome crew. While escaping, the crew killed a large part of his work force and drew the unwelcome attention of an Alliance inspection. Stubborn as always, Rejovic has persuaded Magistrate Digby to allow him to chase down the crew and exact revenge for almost ruining everything he had accomplished on Perdition.

Colonel Jedak Rejovic

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