Lefu Nortje


Some might call Lefu Nortje a simple mercenary for hire. But that would understate the skill and expertise he has for the job. He is cool and calculating, with an almost carefree attitude towards violence and danger. Whatever mission Nortje is hired for, will get done, one way or another.

Nortje claims allegiance to no one, and in fact fought for both sides during the war. Deep down, he empathises more with the Browncoats and their fight for freedom than the Alliance and it’s goals of unity and order, which he believes have been perverted. At the end of day though, it’s money that drives Nortje and his services go to the highest bidder.

Currently that bidder is the Corone Mining Corporation, who have hired him to track down and take care of a crew who sold them a false claim to a worthless mining venture.


Lefu Nortje

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