Michael Harris


Michael Harris is a captain in the Alliance Military. He is quick minded, honourable and always professional. Those of good intention have nothing to fear from Captain Harris, however, shadier types always draw his attention.

Harris was a marine during the war, serving with distinction, and by the war’s end had numerous commendations. Following the war he was given his own ship to command. The UAP Libra is an Alliance Patrol Boat, and can always be found in the regions of the rim hit worst by smugglers and bandits.

Harris honestly believes that the only way for their to be peace throughout the ’Verse is for their to be strict and enforceable laws. Strong government is a necessity, not a luxury, and without law and order chaos would ensue. It was for these reasons and more that Harris recently accepted a reassignment to the Federal Marshals with a specific assignment to track down and apprehend a crew of mass murderers. He believes that capturing the crew will show that the law, if broken, will eventually catch up to everyone.

Michael Harris

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