Firefly: A Fistful of Credits

The Set Up

The crew’s ruse to get off the planet fails, and Zachariah is brought into custody for further questioning. Back on the ship without a plan, out of the blue the crew are contacted by the Triad assassins. Their leader (Mr. Cartoon Villain ;) ), offers the crew a deal. A means of escape (a signal disruptor) for Vincent Zhao.

The crew deliberate over the offer, and eventually decide to turn it down. Instead they plan to ambush the Triad and steal the signal disruptor. They arrive at the exchange point (an old homestead) and set up their ambush. However, as the exchange is happening, the Triad leader suddenly swears at the crew for betraying them and a fight breaks out.

As the fight ensues, an Alliance force of soldiers and local policemen surround the old homestead. They assume the shots being fired are aimed at them and return fire. The entire area is suppressed with fire and the crew are left with no other options than to take cover. Eventually a voice over the thunder of fire calls it to an end. The voice, Captain Michael Harris, then orders the crew to surrender.


James_Kavanagh James_Kavanagh

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