Anna Thompson


Amongst the people of Sanctuary Anna stands out, although given her beauty you imagine she would stand out in any crowd. Quiet and reserved, she speaks rarely, and even when she does it is usually to warn her friends of danger. For as long as she can remember Anna has had nightmares, of murders, rapes and other atrocities. When she was young she did not understand these premonitions, until she dreamt about the death of her parents. She told them about her nightmare the following day, but they just told her it was another bad dream and that she need not worry. By the end of the week they were dead.

Anna never recovered from this. Distraught and guilt riden for not doing more to help her parents, she started to travel the ’Verse where ever her dreams took her. She would warn the people of the dangers they would soon face, but instead of heeding her warnings they ignored her. They thought she was nothing more than a crazed transient. But then when the events started to come true, the people blamed her, calling her a jinx or a witch who had hexxed them.

Before long she found herself running from her own death, being burnt at the stake, or hung at the gallows. This itself took another toll on Anna. Luckily however her dreams eventually led her to Sanctuary, where the people welcomed and accepted her. And for the first time in her life Anna found someone who would heed her warnings.

Anna Thompson

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