Chuánbó (Chewy) Géshóu Murphy


Born vesselside in orbit around Kerry in 2484. Chewy served in the Unification War in the Mechanic’s Corps of the Browncoat Army. Her uncanny ability to repair virtually anything with moving parts and her proficiency as a soldier saw her achieve the rank of Staff Sergeant.

Chewy and her unit were then tasked with repairs on Hera deemed vital for the war effort. They serviced several transports and fighters just in time to evacuate several high ranking officers from the planet days before an Alliance fleet entered orbit. After the evac the unit was reassigned to Serenity Valley to maintain the vehicles and artillery to be used in defense of the valley but upon arriving they found no vehicles or heavy guns so they were ordered to take up arms and join in the fighting.

Since the end of the war she has plied her trade as a mechanic/gun for hire.

Chuánbó (Chewy) Géshóu Murphy

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