Joe Xu


Joe’s always been something of a miscreant. He’s grifted his way through life, working deals, being the middle man and generally getting by through a combination of learning where the money is and avoiding the muscle that backs it up.

After a particularly lucrative deal went south he joined the Alliance military with the intention of getting off world and out of the firing line. A few months later the Unification War broke out and having joined with the intention of having three square meals a day and an easy paycheck he found himself dumped into the mix. Still he managed to make the best of it, grifting his way into a supplies assignment, fiddling shipping details and selling off surplus supplies, finding postings away from the worst fighting. He was adept a working the system.

On a particularly cushy assignment on Boros he was making money selling off surplus ammo to the locals. At 1am on a cold night in the middle of an illicit poker game Joe’s barracks was attacked, it was Joe’s first real taste of combat and he wasn’t a fan. He grabbed as much cash as he could and went AWOL.

A deserter, Joe usually tries to stay out of the way of the Alliance, he holds no special allegiance to anyone though he respects the Captain of the Mjolnir. He currently works as ship’s cook and general middle man, though of course he has his side projects to keep himself busy as well.

Joe Xu

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