John Willis - Captain of the Cutty Sark


John Willis is a smart, cunning and solemn man. As a young boy he always dreamed of travelling through space, of seeing the many worlds of the ‘Verse and just being free. As soon as he was old enough he left his small homestead and joined the first ship that would take him. This ship happened to be captained by a Theodore Fox, a simple freighter captain. Though there was somewhat of an age gap between them the two men became quick friends and eventually John worked his way up to the position of First Mate. As the years went on they became successful business men, known for their reliability and speed (it was over this period that they also upgraded their ship to the impressive Cutty Sark and formed a strong and loyal crew). As such, it surprised John immensely when Theodore told him he was settling down to become a rancher. John took over as captain of the Cutty Sark and carried on the freight business.

During the war, after convincing Theodore to take over as captain once again, John proved himself to be a capable fighter and leader, further galvanising the loyalty of his crew. However, the trials of the war took the joy out of John, and he became a solemn figure who only warmed to those he trusted and considered friends. Then, out of nowhere, Theodore told him he was going to surrender to the Alliance. Just as Theodore had seen the war coming, he also saw its end coming. He wanted to make sure no harm came to the crew during those final months, now that there was nothing left to fight for.

John of course disagreed and the two men got into a huge argument, before Theodore left of his own accord. John continued on as a privateer, even after the war ended, and has become a Robin Hood type character – capturing Alliance merchant ships and passing on the cargo to those on the outer rim that need it the most.

He was surprised to get a message from Theodore after so many years had passed, and was even more surprised, and overjoyed, to find he was out of prison and looking to meet up. However this touching reunion never happened, and now John is doing everything in his power to find out who was responsible for Theodore’s death.

John Willis - Captain of the Cutty Sark

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