Magistrate Charles Digby


Charles Digby is a haughty and arrogant, but also brilliant man. Born into a noble core world family with a rich history of leaders in both the Alliance Parliament and Army he was always spoilt while growing up and learned to expect nothing but the best from the world around him. As was expected of him he joined the Army’s officer academy and with his intelligence, drive and connections he easily passed out of the course.

He subsequently rose quickly through the ranks of the army, more often through dirty tricks and bribery than by actual hard work. During the war he was the captain of an Alliance ship responsible for capturing Independent privateers and supply ships. Digby used this position to build a small fortune, under reporting what he captured from both the supply ships and privateers and holding on to the rest to either sell on or keep. However, it wasn’t until the legendary Independent privateer Theodore Fox coincidently surrendered to him at the end of the war that he really started to rise in the world. After the war, using his family connections, the small fortune he had amassed during the war, and the fame he received from capturing Theodore Fox he bought himself a seat in the Alliance Parliament and was made magistrate of Hera.

The recent break in to his estate on Hera, while he was in the house, is the first real embarrassment Digby has ever faced in his life and he is fuming about it. His current aim is to undo the harm this incident has done to his reputation by capturing Theodore Fox and his accomplices and making them pay for what they have done.

Magistrate Charles Digby

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