Major Zachariah Windsor


Major Zachariah Windsor is a retired law man from the outer planets. He is an intelligent, charming and good natured individual. Those that meet Windsor find him to be pleasant company and a gentleman.

When the Unification War broke out, Windsor believed that people were entitled to the lands and freedoms they had worked for on the outer planets, and as such joined the Independents to help protect them. He was a natural leader amongst the mostly untrained militias and quickly rose up the ranks of the Independents’ army. His skills were eventually required on Hera, at Serenity Valley, and it was here that he first met a young Sergeant by the name of Chuanbo Murphy. They quickly became friends over the following months as the fighting intensified.

Following the war, Windsor set out once again to the furthest reaches of the outer rim, both to escape the reputation he had acquired over the war and now to find his riches. Starting a few months ago, Windsor began to receive notices that former members of his unit were dying, each death by suicide. But as he attended his fallen comrades funerals, something seemed wrong, and he set out to gather and reunite the remaining members of his unit.


Major Zachariah Windsor

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