“Sheriff” Kevin Sanders


Kevin Sanders is the town’s sheriff in all but name. Those that meet him for the first time find him serious, stern and inquisitive. But once Kevin gets to know and trust someone, he warms up.

Kevin was originally a major in the Independents Army, and was disillusioned with the world at the end of the war. After a number of years wandering from planet to planet, trying to find his purpose in life again, he came across the town of Harmony. Their was something about the way of life in the town that brought peace to Kevin’s restless soul.

He built a home in the town. As he integrated into the community he found, because of his experience as a major in the war, the rest of the townsfolk began to come to him to solve disputes and other problems around town. He was glad to provide whatever help he could. For the first time in years, Kevin no longer felt restless.

“Sheriff” Kevin Sanders

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