Vladimir Rosanov


Vladimir Rosanov is a charming and quick witted “entrepreneur” who bases his operations on Beaumonde. Throughout his youth he always found himself on the wrong side of the law, always trying to make the quick buck over the safer, and legal, one. But everything he did, legal or otherwise, was done so that he could make enough money to look after his family and friends.

People on the street could always see that he was going to go places, and this was exactly what happened when a local Russian gangster took him under his wing. Vladimir learned everything he knows about the “game” from this man and when it was his time he took charge of the gang. The gang mostly deals in smuggling (weapons, drugs, food, medicine, etc.). During the war Vladimir favoured neither the Alliance or the Independents, instead seeing the war as an opportunity to increase business and the gangs influence (the Independents needed plenty of things smuggled to them, and the Alliance were too occupied with the war to try and stop any of Vladimir’s other smuggling rackets).

Vladimir is regularly in contact with both Henric and Joe, both of whom came highly recommended to him as people that could get things done. More often than not the job involves smuggling, but this isn’t always the case.

Vladimir Rosanov

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